Weddings are special times. There is no doubt in my mind about that. Two are uniting to become one, and just how beautiful is that! That being said, weddings can become very expensive if one is not careful. I’ve the solution for both beauty and keeping the mind on romance instead of high bills.

Take a look at the example of what can be done for wedding jewelry. This necklace has high shine, due to the Swarovski AB Crystals, a romantic feeling via the small hearts within the wire as well as the last crystal which dangles elegantly down the brides chest, and is elegant through the 7 white, Freshwater Pearls. Yet, even with all the advantages I’ve listed, this necklace is easy on the wallet.

custom-made-handcrafted-jewelry-for-weddings-special-occasions-2The example is indeed an example, but it is also for sale for the low price of just $30.00. Earrings can be made to go with it for an additional $5.00. Not bad, huh!?!

NOTEWORTHY THOUGHT…If you’d like me to create a special order necklace, with your help, I can certainly do this. With a special order you will be able to request your personal length, with or without Freshwater Pearls, and if you would like the elegant look of the pendant dangling gracefully and lovingly down your chest. If you’d like your primary color choice of your wedding within the necklace, then with just a little bit of time from you, this is certainly possible.

INTERESTED in special order? I will need a little bit of information from you. Be prepared to e-mail me the following information:

  1. Length
  2. Extension or no. If extension is requested, I will need the desired length of extension.
  3. Tone preference such as gold, silver, bronze, copper. The latter two are a bit more difficult to come by, so please allow time for me to purchase what is required for bronze or copper.
  4. Dangle pendant or no dangle.
  5. Graceful side extensions (as seen in the necklace pictured) or no extensions.

IF YOU CHOSE TO HAVE YOUR PRIMARY COLOR THEME…then #6. I will need you to physically mail me a paint card sample of your wedding color choice. This will ensure the best possible color match. For #6 I will need an additional 3 weeks for mailing the finished product to you. This allows mailing time and my personal ordering time as well as the labor time.

SIX (6) EASY STEPS for a personalize necklace set for your wedding.
With a whole life ahead of you dealing with money matters, why begin a marriage with high expenses? Instead, walk down the isle in beautifully affordable jewelry!

Need Bridesmaids jewelry? The same steps apply. Please understand, that all my jewelry are handcrafted. I will need time to do a good job. So don’t wait until the last minute. Order your personalized wedding jewelry now.

$35.00 set

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