Pendant wood is camphor. The pearls bring out the elegance and the Golden Shadow crystals bring out the shine. The beads are Freshwater Pearls, Swarov...

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“Swirling Butterfly”


Pendant wood is unknown. This wood is spectacular and possibly part of a beryl. The beads go with it perfectly. Wear black, grey, or even white and yo...

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“Wood-Be Butterfly”


Pendant is made with Camphor. Dress up your jeans and go out on a date with this necklace. The hearts might just let him know how you feel. The beads ...

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“In Love with Teal”


Pendant wood is spalted Maple with deep contrasting grains. The red is deep like that of a garnet. Black or red and you’ve got your accessory. The b...

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“Hot-Blooded Red”


Pendant is made with camphor wood. The words I love you are wood burned into the heart. This is light and simple. The shade can go toward burgundy. Th...

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“I Love You”


Pendant wood is camphor with gold tinted wire. This necklace is cute yet at the same time graceful. How is it possible? Wear it with jeans and a gauzy...

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“Tie Me Up Pretty”


Pendant wood is spalted maple. The contrast between the heavily gray-grained wood and the white glass beads make this an interesting necklace. Wear it...

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“Bow Shine”


Pendant wood is unknown. The beads are clear faceted Quartz, Swarovski Crystal, Freshwater Pearl, shell, and porcelain. Navy or white and you’ll hav...

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“Consider Me Square”


Pendant wood is unknown but is very unique. Half is Blonde while the other is Brunette. The overall look is soft and golden. Summer or fall, this neck...

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“Golden Butterfly”


Pendant is made with wood of Holly. Even though Holly sports a deep evergreen leaf, the wood on the inside has a beautiful gray appearance. Take a loo...

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“Midnight Romance”


The wood used for this pendant is unknown. The overall color is a light airy teal. If you’re in the mood for the beach scene, this is perhaps the ne...

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“Nautical Mood”

homemade shaving soap by linda bateman

This shaving soap has a nice feel for ladies or gents.  If you have never used a shaving soap and brush you should give it a try.  The ingredients a...

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Homemade Shaving Soap Set

photo of twisted sisters - handcrafted jewelry and homemade soaps