Photo of twisted sisters Linda Bateman and Nancy Stevenson, handcrafted jewelry and homemade soapsWelcome to our new site. Although we are small at present, I hope you will return again and again as we strive to grow our business of handcrafted, made in America products.

As you will notice, we are striving to keep our prices affordable while also making products that are made with care. We take time in creating the work we do with our hands, not strictly for sales purpose, but because we take pride in making the best product we know how.

Most of the necklaces made by me, Nancy, will have as many natural stones as possible. The majority of the crystals are Swarovski crystals. I use Swarovski’s because of the quality. They have the best shine and clarity that I’ve come across. They also have a wide variety of AB crystals, making my choices for beautiful creations plenteous. The wood I use comes from the south and I’ve hand “picked” them myself for the grain and color variations.

One of my favorite pieces of wood that I’ve just recently discovered comes from my Holly tree right in my front yard in Florida. I had no idea the wood would be so pretty, and though cautiously said, perhaps glamorous. The wood is unusually gray. When put with other deep colors such as purple, it brings out the mysterious, romantic, and glamorous feeling.

Camphor wood is perhaps used more than any other. Camphor grows in the south and can be found plentifully in pastures in Florida and Georgia. The colors in Camphor varies greatly between blonde and browns and many variations in between. Rippling effects are sometimes present giving the appearance that the grains move with the light. Small sections of this are hard to come by.

I’ve also used Sycamore which is a very pale blonde with very little grain. Maple and sweet gum are two other trees that I’ve used. The sweet gum gives off shades of orange tints such as can be seen in my “White Rose” necklace.

Linda’s necklaces are quite different from mine. Whereas I gravitate toward the elegant, she leans toward the natural country look. Her favorite genre is nautical. When living on the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida, she had many opportunities to gather the early morning shells that washed up onto the shore the previous night. Besides the seashells, she also uses the shell of the walnut to create unusual necklaces of wood and walnut shell. Her creative mind stays busy between jewelry making and soap making.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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