“Today is the day which the Lord hath made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” We can rejoice that the Lord has given us another day in which to strive to be the very best we can be, for as wise Solomon said that the conclusion of the whole matter of life was to “fear GOD and keep His commandments.” That doesn’t mean that all are days are going to be easy – Oh by NO means.

Mine and Linda’s past two days have not been filled with crafty creativity, but in tending to animals. Although I’ve previously mentioned that she is a cat person, her husband does like dogs. He’s got this cute, big puppy, Sadie Mae (she’s now 6 months old) and it was time to get the darling fixed. If that were the end of the story, it wouldn’t be that much to-do. But, if you take Sadie Mae and add to this a male rescue dog that I’ve just recently obtained, who goes by the name of Biscuit, and throw in 4 more cats into the mixture, all of whom need to be de-sexed as it were,…well, didn’t these twisted sisters have a load on their hands!!! LOL! Of course, my husband, David, got to miss out on all the fun, because he had to work on the day to take these loved animals to the vet for their little “To-Do”. That was yesterday. I’ve discovered since then that the actual trip there and back was a breeze, perhaps even a bit of fun mixed into the mess since while the animals were “under the influence” of anesthesia, David had the kindness of his male heart to drop me and Linda off at Hobby Lobby. I love craft shopping!!! I may dislike clothes shopping, hate grocery shopping, and despise running around town with multiple errands to accomplish, but craft shopping is fun. I did purchase just a few little things that I thought I really, really, needed; and guess what! It wasn’t jewelry findings. Linda did too.


6383-handcrafted-old-bottles-memoriesnancy-stevensonI did manage to spend a little time on a craft project. My David, (mine because This David is not Linda’s David, lol) his grandma, and his grandma’s sister, Aunt Ellen use to go bottle hunting when David was just a little boy. He still has many of these bottles. He has fond memories of those hunting days, so this is what I did to one of his bottles.

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