handcrafted-jewelry-homemade-soapsWhat makes us twisted? Well that’s a loaded question. So, I’ll take just a moment to pile on the info like one would dress up a loaded, southern, baked potato. I could suggest that we half the potato and put half white the other sweet. Of course I would claim the sweet side. She can have the plain side, but that would be an injustice to her tasteful, sweet life.

Linda Bateman…she is a southern cook who can bake up a juicy turkey or spend hours in the kitchen making up a batch or two of fig butter straight from her Pa’s fig tree to her canning jars. She is a preacher’s wife who can make one feel comfortable and important with a listening ear or with a glare make one feel like you’d better straighten up and do so quickly. Don’t mix her up with a loaded shot gun and a mean hog, because she’ll get the best of the hog. On the other hand, she can sew up a purse or a make a dress. She is a crafter of soap and potions with a bit of jewelry to throw in the mix and frankly a bit of a “handyman” around the house. She is her own piled southern baked potato. But, I’ve got to come in here some how!

Who am I, Nancy Stevenson? I’m a bit different from my older sister. I suppose I can be the sour cream and the stringy or creamy cheese. Nothing dresses up a plain baked potato like a dollop of sour cream. It’s that tart cool taste that adds that little bit of extra to it. I am country to my boon dock bones. Put me in the presence of someone rude and well, my pig tails can become a big more twisted as my blue/gray eyes turn to ice. Yep, I can throw in a mean look or two. On the other hand, I’m also a writer of romance. I’ve got that red blood beating through my veins running straight to my heart. I’m a Christian, though so my stories of romance are clean and cool with a twist of mystery. I make jewelry and what I create comes from the romantic and elegant side of me. The jean side of me pushes me away from the kitchen and out in the woods where most of the things I see is what can I make out of what nature gives me. I know how to be creamy and smooth as I sing a love song to my husband, and a bit stringy as I think of which one of my sister’s cats my dog can get the better of. In particular the cat she named Nibbler. She is a cat lover and has the craziest cats! I on the other hand am a dog lover. By the way, I hate to sew and cook. Did I mention she isn’t a writer? She cares nothing for candle light and romance in the 3rd degree. Give me the works! She takes things slow and easy. Get out of my way, here I come. Yeah, we’re pretty twisted, but we love each other and put up with our different ways. She can mix up a batch of great smelling, good for your skin soap, while I can dress up your out-fit with a unique necklace. With the two of us, you’ll be ready to meet the world or be ready to curl up on the sofa with a book and soft lavender soap to put you in the mood for bed for…sleep. Shop with us, we’re American women with American crafts, and American hearts.

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